Why are beds in luxury hotels so comfortable?

Most of us know that beds in good hotels are awesome, but we are not really sure why! Here we have put together some of the most common tips and tricks that hotels use to create this special feeling:

All white bedding

Only using white bedding is often said to create a sort of "halo effect", giving the entire room a feel of being newly renovated. Needless to say it is also easier to clean using bleach. Here at ERIC&GUSTAF we sell bedding made in Italy by family company Rivolta Carmignani. This factory is supplying a lot of the world's best hotels including Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons.

Lots of pillows in different sizes

Most luxury hotels use at least 4 pillows, plus a few more smaller varieties for decorative purposes. Do not underestimate the sumptuous effect this will create. And yes, we do acknowledge that making the bed takes slightly longer if you have a lot of pillows, but trust us on this one, it is worth it!

High quality bedding

Great bedding always has a two things in common; made from high quality cotton (preferably Egyptian cotton) and a thread-count above 200TC. Other things such as the finishing process in the factory also plays a huge role in the quality of the bedding.

Where can I find luxury hotel bedding for my home?

Here at ERIC&GUSTAF we sell bedding made by Italian family company Rivolta Carmignani. The factory only uses the finest Egyptian cotton and all bedding is made north of Milano in Italy, a region known to produce some of the finest linens in the world.

Today Rivolta Carmignani supply countless of luxury hotels including Four Seasons, Park Hyatt and Mandarin Oriental. Our philosophy is to offer luxury hotel bedding without a luxury mark-up, therefore we sell our bedding directly from the factory to you. Normally a bedding set with this kind of quality would cost $500-$600. Our sets start from $169.

We offer free shipping and free returns on all orders above $120.

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